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Welcome to the blog of Elmore Patterson

Hello, My name is Elmore Patterson. I started this blog so that the healthcare community can see healthcare from my point of view. The blog will share my thoughts and opinions along with my values, interests, and beliefs. To read more about myself personally and my accomplishments, please visit my main website

When you read through my blog, I want you to see a devoted member of the community and local civic organizations. I want you to see a retired Medical Service Corps Officer who began in the government and who cares for the United States Military and what it stands for. I want you to see an Executive Leader in Healthcare who wants to lead you and your organization in the private sector. I want you to see a polished executive who you feel that you can trust and place your confidence in.

In my 23 years of experience, I have developed into a dynamic and trustworthy professional with in-depth global knowledge, a mission to care about individuals who depend on the healthcare system and an operational individual who gets things done at all cost.

I hope that you will visit my blog often to see the world of healthcare through my eyes.


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