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Major, Army Medical Recruiting Station Officer in Charge

US Army Medical Department 

2003 - 2010

3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion, Ft Knox, KY                                                                                                     


  • Coordinated the Standard Personnel Management System for workforce distribution analysis of officers, enlisted, and civilian personnel with the command provision to advice to the Commander on manpower necessities in support of the recruiting objectives.

  • Thoroughly studied, evaluated, developed and coordinated all civilian and military human resources plans, regulations, and programs to compensate exclusive medical and dental dexterity ensuring quality health care assistance.

  • Provided optimum health care assistance to the United States Army Health Care Team while overseeing the recruitment processes of the Columbus, Ohio Army Health Care Recruiting Team making sure the employment of best professionals.

  • Dynamically commanded and controlled medical units during emergency and nonemergency medical situations.

Captain, Health Services Personnel Officer

US Army Medical Department 

2003 - 2010

307th Medical Group, Blacklick, OH                                                                                                             

  • Conscientiously planned and governed daily operations of personnel office with 26+ staff servicing 2000+ people assigned to the 307thMedical Group and fifteen branch medical clinics located throughout Ohio supporting the overall administration of payroll, leave filing and scheduling, salary organization, promotions/advancement, performance evaluation, and personnel matters.

  • Productively administered the execution of $3M+ in special pays and bonuses with integrity and ethics.

  • Demonstrated efficient cross-functionality through interdisciplinary training program enabling staff to accurately perform all personnel related functions while scrupulously screening performance records and facilitating the medical personnel assignment process. 

  • Regularly monitored and assessed the Off-Duty Employment Program ensuring no conflict of interest to avoid unauthorized charges to the government for 600+ physicians, nurses, and other health care experts while assigning best personnel to various after-hours tours.

  • Advised line managers and other employees on employment law and the employer's employment policies and procedures.

1st Lieutenant, Health Services Materiel Officer

US Army Medical Department 

2003 - 2010

1st Lieutenant, Health Services Materiel Officer  

  • Proactively, ethically, and passionately served as the Acquisition and Material Officer for an Army Medical Group.

  • Implemented effective and efficient enforcement of the Command Supply Discipline Program throughout the group.

  • Strategically programmed, coordinated, and executed logistical support all over the group and its down trace units.

  • Provided cross-functional assistance in all service growth enhancement with the development of workgroup goals.

  • Persistently forecasted updated financial requirements for stock funded requisitions and oversaw the Group Property Book valued $55M+ while administering the allocation of the quarterly general supply budget totaling of $1.5M+ in excess.

  • Actively collaborated with the group commander in the establishment of policies, procedures, organization, and objectives ensuring compliance with all target goals and objectives of higher headquarters of the Army Medical Group.

  • Innovated and maintained prime training development and counseling to subordinate units on general medical equipment readiness, serviceability, efficient conservation of funds resources, and optimization of material resources.

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