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3 Traits of a High Impact Senior Leader

Being a CEO within a company is one of the most crucial positions you can have within an organization. It is vital to make sure that all dynamics of the organization are running properly and at full capacity. As an executive and a military officer of 20-plus years, I've seen a lot and if you are considering becoming a CEO, executive director, or senior leader in any capacity, here are 3 skills you must have: 

1. The Ability to Communicate Effectively

As a senior leader it's extremely vital to be able to effectively communicate with individuals on every level. Being an effective communicator can not only help with making crucial decisions. It can also help deescalate issues fast while creating a strong culture of communication throughout the organization. When you're able to communicate effectively it flows down the organization and leaves a lasting imprint. 

2. The Ability to Lead by Example:

Leading by example or being a servant leader is very important. Remember that you are the captain of the ship and the way you influence others around you ultimately influence the entire culture of the organization. If you choose to lead by example chances are those who submit to your leadership will do the same and this creates a lasting and contagious effect for years to come. 

3. The Ability to Balance Task

One of the most unspoken skill-sets you must have as a leader is the ability to multitask and make well-informed decisions under pressure. This takes balance to do so. It's very important for us as leaders to consistently look to bettering ourselves for personal and professional development. The more informed you are, the more relevant you can become. Be very intentional about becoming informed in the areas of business finance, servant leadership, cost analysis, communication, and even meditation. All of these areas of development will help you become a better leader both for your organization and yourself.

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