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My choice in life is to dedicate myself to helping others in the healthcare field. I started my journey to achieve my goal at Savannah State university. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration & Marketing Management from Savannah State University in 2000. I then went on to earn my Master of Health Service Administration  degree from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 2003. Once I completed my education, I decided to take the next step in achieving my goals in healthcare. I enlisted in the United States Army where I began a career that would enable me to learn to help people on a much larger scale.  I served 23 years in the United States Army. During those years I served in the Medical Services Corps as a Health Services Material Officer. I didn’t stop there, I worked hard and I moved up the ranks. First becoming a Second Lieutenant , then a  First  Lieutenant, Captain and then a Major. After I completed my service in the army, I took the knowledge that I learned in the Army to the Department of Veterans Affairs were the leadership skills that I had perfected were put to good use to  provide executive leadership support at the VA.

In 2012, I continued my journey to reach goals. I decided to retire from Government altogether to try to help others outside of the military. My first effort at doing this was by accepting the role of Director of Facilities and Operations of Adventist Health Care System in Georgia. During his time I supervised the Plant Operations and Housekeeping departments including but not limited to the security, construction, telecommunication, and safety programs.


During my tenure, I demonstrated the utmost discretion when working and interacting with patients, families, and internal/external customers. I also oversaw the encoding of patient progress reports of patient’s medical records. This in turn resulted in an improved, more efficient and productive workflow so that the staff can achieve and maintain the progress toward their original goal of care.


In 2013, I then joined the Greene County Health System as their Chief Executive Officer. Not only did I serve as their Chief Executive Officer, I also served as their Nursing Home Administrator. By serving in these two capacities, I was able to make impactful, sweeping changes across the organization. These changes included developing a quality improvement committee to tackle larger-scale improvement efforts, process growth, and overseeing general quality assurance. Furthermore, I took a hands-on approach to collaborating with the medical staff to ensure accurate and timely documentation, measurement, and case management, which resulted in a positive, quantifiable increase in the establishment’s ratings. In addition, I supervised and cultivated a multidisciplinary team in order to further diversify the establishment’s services, improve patient quality of care, and enhance the overall quality of life for all residents. 


Currently, I serve as the Executive Director of Diversicare of Montgomery, a 138-bed skilled nursing facility that diligently serves the people of Central Alabama. Here, I am tasked with balancing quality assurance efforts on an administrative level, flourishing the daily resident census, developing the facility’s overall ranking, collaborating with physicians and others to assure optimal patient care, and much more. Since stepping into this capacity in 2017, I have further proven myself to be a trusted leader, especially as it relates to process improvement, program development, departmental leadership, intervention implementation, budget and cost management, and a myriad of other skills that I have developed throughout my career.

Through years of developing my career, the most important job I have held is being a devoted husband and father to my wife and children. We as a family are active in our YMCA. I actively assist my wife in  her role in Leadership Montgomery and in our company ‘Modern Girl Movement’.

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I enjoy ensuring that my daughter participates in her Girl Scouts activities. I myself, am a member of the historic fraternity of Alpha Phi Alpha. I am also a member of Leadership Alabama (Class of XXV),United Way of Alabama, Alabama Nursing Home Association, Alabama Hospital Association, American College of Health Care Executives, and Institute for Diversity Health Care Management. In addition to my memberships, I serve as a board member for the rural and small hospitals for the American Hospital Association and as an Associate Professor of Health Care Administration for the University of Phoenix.


On this website, I hope that you will get a feel of my professionalism through my accomplishments, through testimonials, and learning about me as Elmore Patterson

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